Latitude59 Startup Conference

High tech and startup culture is well developed in Estonia, and we are proud to be working with the leading startup conference of the country. Latitude59 is the leading startup conference in Estonia. Vita Pictura has been the official marketing partner of the event in the last several years, providing the conference with the marketing […]

UnitedMasters Celebration of Independence | Grammy 2024 Weekend

United Masters celebrated global talent during the  2024 Grammys Weekend, in their 2nd annual Celebration of Independence event held in Los Angeles, CA. As a platform empowering independent artists to distribute their music worldwide, United Masters showcased the diversity of artistic expression and independence. Vita Pictura, USA, was the commissioned production company behind the event. […]

Weekend Festival

Our work with the largest electronic music festival of Finland started in 2013, when we produced the first official aftermovie of the festival. Since then, we’ve been back to the festival to cover it every year, and to produce marketing video materials to promote the festival. Over the years, we’ve produced hundreds of separate pieces […]

Interview Production Service

We produce interviews from start to finish, including the preliminary research on the topics and interviewees, preparing the questions, researching and selecting the appropriate locations that suit the themes of the interviews, coming up with the interview setups that suit the interview message, therefore providing a full service. We’ve produced interviews with artists of music […]

The Spiritual Warrior | Documentary

Entirely produced by Vita Pictura, Spiritual Warrior is an original feature documentary about kickboxer Maxim Vorovski who went from having problems with law in his younger years to becoming one of the best fighters in Estonia. We live through Maxim’s inner battle, capturing his struggle for hope and energy to exit the ring with dignity. […]

Red Bull

Vita Pictura has been producing content for Red Bull for several years. Red Bull sponsored events take place every year, and we are happy to produce the original content for the new and recurring projects, such as Red Bull SoundClash, Tour of Vikings, Red Bull Reign, Red Bull Slack Warrior, WRC Rally Estonia Red Bull […]

Chelsea Film Festival │ Partnership and Feature Premiere

Vita Pictura’s collaboration with the Chelsea Film Festival started in 2022 when the team applied the Fight City pilot episode for the program and when the episode won the nomination for the best TV Series award at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York in 2022.  In 2023 Vita Pictura returned to the festival as […]

Click & Grow

The campaign for the Estonian food-tech company Click & Grow aimed to create a series of videos targeting North America. The company’s product is a smart indoor garden that allows you to grow food in your home year-round. The goal was to grow the brand’s trustworthiness and recognition. For this, the company wanted to tell […]

Yasmyn: Clarity for a Day or Two │ Documentary

“YASMYN: Clarity for a Day or Two” is a feature documentary about an up-and-coming Estonian singer, Yasmyn, and her journey through her early twenties and the challenges this age usually brings. Our team produced the independent feature documentary, fully self-financed the project, developed the script written by the directors Anastasia Zazhitskaya and Georgius Misjura,created all […]

Team Estonia | Estonian Olympic Committee

The Estonian Olympic Committee is the official organization of Estonia, representing the country’s athletes in all disciplines in international competitions and tournaments. The goal was to produce the marketing campaign and social media videos overviewing Estonian Olympic Sports, representing each of the country’s top athletes in their respective disciplines. Videos For Each Of The Disciplines […]

Bronx Film Initiative

Bronx Film Initiative is a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged youth with a much-needed safe space for creative expression. BFI’s tailored programming allows young people to have creative control as they collaborate with industry professionals and explore the various realms of production – screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and more. Vita Pictura‘s collaboration with the Bronx Film […]

Blind Channel

Blind Channel is one of Vita Pictura’s most important long-term music-related clients. The band Blind Channel requires music videos and concert-related content and has worked with us closely for many years since we deliver content quickly and in the best possible quality. Music videos The most listened-to Finnish band of 2022, Blind Channel, is one […]

Underwater Filming Service

Underwater cinematography is considered one of the most complex branches of capturing motion pictures. In addition to dedicated equipment needed to house the body of the camera, special skills are required to move around during underwater filming. The Underwater Cinematography showreel features examples of work done by the director of photography Aleksei Kulikov using various […]

Making of “Firebird” | Documentary

Collaboration with the team behind the motion picture “Firebird” has brought fruitful results in the last two years. Apart from producing a documentary for the motion picture, which reveals behind-the-scenes, the production process, and the inspiration for the film, we have produced film premiere recap videos from the festival premieres all over the world and […]

Fight City | Miniseries

The mini-series Fight City was one of Vita Pictura’s first major production and post-production works with the USA-based creative teams. Our team helped to finalize the mini-series production while it was still being filmed and managed most of the post-production. In addition, we successfully distributed the films among top US film festivals, having won a […]

Estonian Architecture Awards

Estonian Architecture Awards (Eesti Arhitektuuripreemiad) is a yearly event where the best architectural works are chosen by the jury. Estonian Architecture Award 2022 was opened by the speech of the president of Estonia Alar Karis, where he underlined the significance of architecture and open spaces in our everyday lives. Vita Pictura’s team has been organising […]

WRC Rally Estonia

Vita Pictura’s team has been cooperating with WRC Rally Estonia since 2018, covering the biggest motorsport event in the Baltic countries, attended by tens of thousands of people. Our team produced official video coverages of the yearly event, participated in live streams, co-produced television commercials, brand visibility videos, and even helped with the 2021 and […]

Visit Estonia

Vita Pictura’s collaboration with Visit Estonia and Invest in Estonia lasted for several years and included producing content meant to market the country for destination tourism and foreign direct investments. Visit Estonia is a government organization dedicated to promoting Estonia to the rest of the world. It is part of a larger Brand Estonia, and […]

On Silver Heels | Documentary

Vita Pictura’s team decided to support the Estonian national women’s ice hockey team and produce a documentary film about their journey. We started documenting the story in August 2020 when the team got together for the first time in 12 years. Since then, we have been investigating their story and getting to know the team […]

Betsson Group

Vita Pictura has produced a wide range of content for Betsson Group, including advertisements, regular podcast live streams, and various video series for Betsafe. In addition, our team maintains the company’s YouTube channel, which is the most popular sports content YouTube channel in Estonia, with over 12,000 subscribers. We provided the technical solution for the […]

Kerli: Shadow Works | Documentary

Kerli’s latest album Shadow Works speaks to our darker side and is closely related to Kerli’s personal experiences of returning back to her home country, Estonia, and being able to fully feel all the aspects of life. Shadow Works raises such themes as solitude, nature, DIY, lust, victimhood, lust, guilt, co-dependence, and more importantly, discovering […]

Nordic Business Forum

Vita Pictura’s cooperation with the leading leadership forum in the Nordic countries, Nordic Business Forum, started in the year 2017 and continues to this day. In addition to producing yearly official aftermovies for each event, our team filmed and produced the documentary about the forum and the people behind it, revealing behind-the-scenes organizational parts of […]

CRES: One Life | Documentary

Cres Carlos Santiago is a rapper from Alicante, having collaborated with such hip-hop heavyweights as Illmind and Crystal Caines, we discover the intriguing world of Spanish-American hip-hop while following the journey of the main character across the US, Spain, and Mexico. The documentary film is a personal project for Vita Pictura’s team, and the footage […]

VP Meets | Documentary Series

As part of its strategic marketing initiative, Vita Pictura has executed an original YouTube series known as “VP Meets.” This captivating documentary-style series offers viewers the unique opportunity to delve into the world of creative artists from various backgrounds. “VP Meets” provides an intimate view into the life of these creatives, allowing the audience to […]

Tallinn Music Week

The primary goal of our production team is to capture a broad array of significant and varied events efficiently. This is commonly accomplished through the deployment of compact, agile camera operator teams, each with dedicated filming and location timelines. One such noteworthy event, the Tallinn Music Week 2023, was executed successfully, encompassing five continuous days […]

Finest Sounds: Estonian Folk Music Scene | Documentary

Vita Pictura’s relationship with the Estonian folk tradition started after filming of Viljandi Folk festivals — the biggest folk music festival in Estonia. The “Finest Sounds — Estonian Folk Music Scene” title speaks for itself — it was a project supported by the Interreg fund (EU), with the purpose of showcasing and sharing some of […]