Chelsea Film Festival │ Partnership and Feature Premiere

Vita Pictura’s collaboration with the Chelsea Film Festival started in 2022 when the team applied the Fight City pilot episode for the program and when the episode won the nomination for the best TV Series award at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York in 2022. 

In 2023 Vita Pictura returned to the festival as the official partner and premiered its feature documentary “YASMYN. Clarity for a Day or Two” as as an official closing film of the event.

Festival marketing 

Vita Pictura’s team got to produce the commercial for the festival that was shown on ABC7, and recap video of the event to promote this year’s awards.

In 2023, Vita Pictura became the official partner of the festival, producing the marketing content for the event, including the official trailer that was rolled out before the festival. We have been involved in every step of the way before, during, and after the festival, providing it with the full marketing video materials package of the event was similar to what we do for music festivals – producing visual content to promote the event, to capture it, and to produce the post-event marketing materials for the future use in order to attract the audience for the next year’s event.

Post-production for the screenwriting incubator

Vita Pictura was happy to involve our US partner Isam Muhammad  in order to complete the post-production for the screenwriting incubator’s films for the young filmmakers, whose works took part in the official selection of the festival. 

The works “Macho,” “Life Saver,” “Christmas in July,” “Poser,” and “The History Will Always Stay” were all produced by diverse student teams and beginners-filmmakers who were mentored by the Chelsea Film Festival to guide them in their filmmaking process.

Festival screenings

In addition to creating the content for marketing of the festival, we also participated as filmmakers this year. In 2023, our documentary feature “YASMYN. Clarity for a Day or Two” was the official closing film of the Chelsea Film Festival, where it had a worldwide premiere.

Our partners’ works, such as “Grief” directed by Christina G. Richardson from the Bronx Film Initiative (USA), the short documentary “Dub FX – The Birds & The Bees” directed by Thomas Pizzinga of Elephant Studio (Italy), all enjoyed the worldwide premiere.

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