Finest Sounds: Estonian Folk Music Scene | Documentary

Vita Pictura’s relationship with the Estonian folk tradition started after filming of Viljandi Folk festivals — the biggest folk music festival in Estonia. The “Finest Sounds — Estonian Folk Music Scene” title speaks for itself — it was a project supported by the Interreg fund (EU), with the purpose of showcasing and sharing some of Estonia’s best folk musicians’ works, especially in Japan. The official goal of the Interreg organization is to support “cross-sectoral collaboration models for boosting the export capabilities of Finnish and Estonian music entrepreneurs to Japan”.

Estonians’ love of nature and folk music is especially explored in this short and features the most prominent contemporary folk musicians of Estonia Curly Strings, Trad Attack, Mari Kalkun, Puuluup, and Tuulikki Bartosik. The film follows a journey around south Estonia and shows the true beauty of the Estonian nature and people.

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