UnitedMasters Celebration of Independence | Grammy 2024 Weekend

United Masters celebrated global talent during theĀ  2024 Grammys Weekend, in their 2nd annual Celebration of Independence event held in Los Angeles, CA. As a platform empowering independent artists to distribute their music worldwide, United Masters showcased the diversity of artistic expression and independence. Vita Pictura, USA, was the commissioned production company behind the event. We provided comprehensive coverage, including the production of the official aftermovie and event recap video, photography services, live streaming on social media platforms, and filming of panel discussions.

Official Aftermovie and Recap Video Production

Vita Pictura, USA, produced the official aftermovie, capturing the essence of artistic celebration and independence. This aftermovie serves as a powerful tool for United Masters to share their message with broader audiences and as marketing material for future events.


In addition to video production, Vita Pictura’s photography services documented key guests, hosts, and artists, encapsulating the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Live Streaming

Live streaming on Instagram extended the celebration’s reach to a wider audience on this popular social media platform, amplifying the event’s key messages and engaging with audiences in real-time.

Filming of Panel Discussions / Ally Creator Academy

Vita Pictura filmed panel discussions on contemporary independent music, capturing insightful conversations and enabling remote audiences to experience the essence of the event.

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