Latitude59 Startup Conference

High tech and startup culture is well developed in Estonia, and we are proud to be working with the leading startup conference of the country.

Latitude59 is the leading startup conference in Estonia. Vita Pictura has been the official marketing partner of the event in the last several years, providing the conference with the marketing and promotional materials on a yearly basis, making sure the new participants join it and the old ones return.

Official Aftermovie

As a tradition, we shoot the three-day conference in various locations and produce an official aftemovie of the event.

Each year the conference has a unique theme, such as equality or innovation, therefore each aftermovie has to underline the relevant topic.

Photography Services

Apart from video, photography is also necessary for the marking campaign, therefore we provide such a service on a regular basis. The goal is to capture as many different stages and main participants of the event – investors, guests, pitching competitions, winners of the competitions, the main sponsors, and startups.

Promotional Content

Each year, our team produces a highlight video of the day one of the conference. The highlight video is shot the same day, edited overnight, and is ready to be shown on the big screens at the event the next morning, giving the overview of what happened on the previous day. Such a fast turnaround time is made possible by a small mobile team capturing the event, and then an editor editing the highlight video overnight, so it is ready by the next morning.

Other Cases