International Video Production Company with Offices in Tallinn Helsinki Florence London New York

Hi! We are Vita Pictura, a company that has done it all in the production industry. We film, stream, edit, we do photography, motion and sound design. We do top-notch production service. We create original content. Award-winning Documentaries and Music Videos. Films and Series. Adverts. You name it.

Video Production Services


The team that is always there for you. We are the team that you will take to film in difficult terrains or underwater to shoot your movie or advertisement. Or to a 100k people festival. Or filming in the woods in -25°C degree weather to create a country-branded commercial. We can do it all!


Our warehouse includes industry-standard camera and lighting equipment capable of delivering top-quality results. Anything from underwater housing, rigging, gimbals, or Steadicams – we have it available. In case something more specific is required – we have our trusted rental partners who are always there to assist us.

Post-Production Services


Editing is what we do best. We have gained our technical skills over more than a decade of work which allows the company to be one of the leading post-production service providers in Estonia. Our specialists will do an exceptional job compiling brand videos, aftermovies, TV spots, documentaries, series, feature films and music videos

Sound Design

Our sound engineers will bring your video alive with handpicked music and special sound effects that would be mixed together to the highest standards. Our team has access to professional sound studios where we work with major record labels, producing music, recording voice-overs and mixing sound for commercials, documentaries and any other project we have on our hands.

Colour Grading

Our colourists use DaVinci Resolve, a powerful software capable of bringing vivid life into the colours of your image. We do careful, high-precision work to give each video its custom look and feel.


We will put all elements in one – the image, graphics and sound and tailor them to different aspect ratios and formats. At this stage attention to the smallest of details is crucial which is why we implement strict quality control.


Compositing, keying, motion graphics and 3D – our team can do it all. Production planning is essential here which is why our CGI & VFX team is always in close contact with the DP and the production crew.

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