Tallinn Music Week

The primary goal of our production team is to capture a broad array of significant and varied events efficiently. This is commonly accomplished through the deployment of compact, agile camera operator teams, each with dedicated filming and location timelines.

One such noteworthy event, the Tallinn Music Week 2023, was executed successfully, encompassing five continuous days of music industry conferences, city festivals at diverse locales around Tallinn, and the music festival itself.

Official Aftermovie

The aftermovie official aftermovie had to capture the general mood of the events and people attending it. Such video is usually used by the festival to promote the festival and is used in marketing campaigns to promote future festival events.

This year, the festival demonstrated its diversity and international appeal by featuring:

  • A robust roster of 188 artists from over 40 countries enhances the diversity of the festival’s music programming.
  • The Music Festival, which ran from May 11th to May 13th, 2023, featured a multi-genre lineup from across Europe and beyond, hosted at Tallinn’s top venues.
  • The City Festival, organized from May 10th to May 14th, 2023, was a platform that showcased various neighborhoods and ambiance through engaging and enlightening daytime activities scattered across Tallinn.
  • The conference, held between May 12th and May 13th, 2023, engaged attendees in music-related discourses, panel discussions, and workshops while also encouraging inspiring conversations and visions for the future.

This case presents a unique opportunity for our production team to broaden their coverage reach and demonstrate their capability in handling a multitude of events, offering a diverse palette of content for our audience.

Recap Video 

One of Vita Pictura’s services for similar events is Recap Video. The goal of such a video is to show what happened at an event during a day in a short video to portray the general atmosphere of the events. Such videos are often used as promotional materials for future recurring events.

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