Making of “Firebird” | Documentary

Collaboration with the team behind the motion picture “Firebird” has brought fruitful results in the last two years. Apart from producing a documentary for the motion picture, which reveals behind-the-scenes, the production process, and the inspiration for the film, we have produced film premiere recap videos from the festival premieres all over the world and a series of crowdfunding videos with the team to produce a book, which was a success as it gathered $56,334 at Kickstarter and was then published on Amazon Books.


Documentary behind the making of the motion picture Firebird was one of Vita Pictura’s more serious works directly related to feature films. The documentary reveals the production process, and real-life background story behind the motion picture Firebird screened in cinemas worldwide in 2022. The motion picture itself was directed by Peeter Rebane and starred Tom Prior, Oleg Zagorodnii, and Diana Pozharskaya, among others.

The post-production team of Vita Pictura had a goal of revealing the creation of the motion picture and the story behind it, which was mostly based on the real-life character Sergey Fetisov. The motion picture itself narrates a story behind a forbidden same-sex love in the USSR army in Soviet-occupied Estonia.

The 40-minute documentary film can be seen on BluRay and Amazon Prime.

You may buy the film on the official website.

Watch the full documentary “FIREBIRD – The Making Of Documentary” on Youtube.


In addition to the long documentary, our team made a set of short-format featurettes covering some of the most exciting aspects of the production process.

The following featurettes were produced: Firebird | Featurette | Message of the Film, Firebird | Featurette | The Real Sergey and Firebird | Featurette | Women and LGBTQ Relationship

Film Premiere Recaps

Film premiere recap videos were shot in Tallinn, Los Angeles, and London at various film festivals and galas. The cuts were delivered by our team the next day after receiving the footage.

Crowdfunding video for the book

The motion picture was initially based on the book by Sergei Fetisov and his autobiographical story. After completing the motion picture, the directors decided to publish the book Firebird: The Story of Roman, revealing the real-life story behind the motion picture. 

The crowdfunding video for Kickstarter in support of the book publication was filmed in Tallinn, Estonia, by Vita Pictura’s team. The goal of the video was to collect funds for the publication of the book and to spread the story to wider audiences. 

Watch the video FIREBIRD – Help Us Publish Sergey’s Memoir here.

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