CRES: One Life | Documentary

Cres Carlos Santiago is a rapper from Alicante, having collaborated with such hip-hop heavyweights as Illmind and Crystal Caines, we discover the intriguing world of Spanish-American hip-hop while following the journey of the main character across the US, Spain, and Mexico. The documentary film is a personal project for Vita Pictura’s team, and the footage used in the work has been shot within the last ten years across two continents.

Vita Pictura’s partner Alex Ghassan had the initial idea for this documentary, however, due to tragic events, Alex passed away. Vita Pictura’s CEO Georgius decided to take over the script and filming and finish Alex’s work. As the post-production neared its completion in the year 2020, we got permission to use footage shot by Alex and others and includes many famous Spanish artists, for example, Arkano, Nach (Violadores del Verso), R de Rumba, Tote King, and the US directors and artists Spike Lee, Skyzoo, Illmind, and Crystal Caines.

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