Interview Production Service

We produce interviews from start to finish, including the preliminary research on the topics and interviewees, preparing the questions, researching and selecting the appropriate locations that suit the themes of the interviews, coming up with the interview setups that suit the interview message, therefore providing a full service.

We’ve produced interviews with artists of music festivals, with business leaders and speakers, sportespeople, and actors. We produced interviews for music festivals, documentaries, business conferences and individual interview series. 


Interview showcases highlight our production of the interviews and present diverse examples. Watch the Interview Based Content showcase of various works, and the Interview Series showcases to see some more examples.


We started producing a VP Meets interview series in order to develop our skills so we could produce quality documentary-based content, since our team’s goal was always to become proficient in documentary filmmaking.

VP Meets is a series of interviews where each episode has the main host, including musicians Dub FX, Netsky, Sak Noel, Tungevaag & Raaban, organisers of the GRIND music festival, dancer Alisa Tsitseronova, dancer Tinze, bmx rider Roomet Säälik, ice hockey player Robert Rooba, and many more.

Nordic Business Forum 

Nordic Business Forum is the leading business and leadership conference of the Nordics, taking place on a yearly basis. Since 2017, we’ve been producing official aftermovies and marketing video content for the conference for several years now, including the 2017 aftermovie that has the  interviews with the leading speakers – Nobel laureates, business leaders, politicians, professors, writers, and thinkers. 

Later in 2020, we produced the documentary Leaders Who Change the World, where the interview segments have been extensively used.

Another example of interview-based content was the Nordic Business Forum 2022 Interview Series featuring Zoe Chance, Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management; Garry Kasparov, Former World Chess Champion and political activist; Duncan Wardle, 2022 NBForum Speaker Contest Winner; Martin Lindstrom, bestselling author and branding expert; Rutger Bregman, historian and bestselling author; Jitske Kramer, Corporate Anthropologist and Entrepreneur; Amy Edmondson, Professor at Harvard Business School, Erin Meyer, Professor at INSEAD and bestselling author.

Weekend Festival 

Weekend Festival is the largest electronic music festival in Finland, taking place every year in Helsinki. They have been our clients for the last ten years – we’ve produced hundreds of marketing campaign videos for the festival, including the official aftermovies, commercials, recaps, and the interviews. 

A series of interviews with the leading artists was a humorous take on their experience with Finland, featuring such artists as David Guetta, Sam Tompkins, Swae Lee, Blind Channel, Elley Duhé, Jay1, Pyhimys, Masked Wolf, AJ Tracey, Pi’erre Bourne, Go_A, Turisti, Louisahhh, Surf Curse, Meduza, Yeboyah, and Gasellit.

Tallinn Music Week

Tallinn Music Week is the flagship music festival of Estonia, taking place every year and attracting diverse acts worldwide. We have been producing official aftermovies and additional marketing content for the festival on a yearly basis. 

For the festival we produced the Tallinn Music Week 2019 | Documentary, where the artists’ interviews have been extensively used.

Interviews in Documentaries 

Having produced numerous documentaries, Vita Pictura team often included the interviews in order to reveal different characters – musicians, film directors, actors, and artists. 

Some notable examples use of the interviews in the documentaries are the following: Making of “Firebird”, Kerli: Shadow Works, YASMYN: Clarity or for a Day or Two, and Cosmic Gate – Materia, Cres: One Life, Finest Sounds – Estonian folk music scene, Story of the Red Bull Reign Winners, On Silver Heels (2024),The Spiritual Warrior (2024), and 19. PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Other Cases