Kerli: Shadow Works | Documentary

Kerli’s latest album Shadow Works speaks to our darker side and is closely related to Kerli’s personal experiences of returning back to her home country, Estonia, and being able to fully feel all the aspects of life. Shadow Works raises such themes as solitude, nature, DIY, lust, victimhood, lust, guilt, co-dependence, and more importantly, discovering the true oneself and being comfortable with that dark side and one’s flaws.

In a way, Kerli has made a full loop – she left Estonia at the age of 16 and she wasn’t connected with her homeland after that for more than a decade, and now she is back home with a new album, where one of the themes is coming home by truly accepting who you really are. One of Kerli’s inspirations for the album was Karl Jung’s philosophy of suppressing and accepting one’s dark side.

In this film, we get to understand Kerli more intimately and hear her story of becoming famous, with all the flaws and issues that run along with it. We get to see Kerli’s artwork that she has made while being in solitude in an Estonian forest; the choice of location helped her to talk to her inner self, without any distractions of the modern world that kept bugging her during her fast-paced life in California.

The documentary has been published on Kerli’s Youtube channel.

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