Yasmyn: Clarity for a Day or Two │ Documentary

“YASMYN: Clarity for a Day or Two” is a feature documentary about an up-and-coming Estonian singer, Yasmyn, and her journey through her early twenties and the challenges this age usually brings.

Our team produced the independent feature documentary, fully self-financed the project, developed the script written by the directors Anastasia Zazhitskaya and Georgius Misjura,created all of the marketing content for the film, and distributed the film.

Documentary development

The documentary was shot over two years, following the life and artistic developments of YASMYN, the film’s main character. Much of the filming took place during the Covid times, following the artist’s struggles to pursue her career in show business. The film was shot in an observational documentary style creating the illusion of her personal video diary.

Production and post-production

All of the production and post-production were fully done by Vita Pictura. We used small and dynamic film crews to follow YASMYN, in order not to interfere in her life too much but also to get as close as possible in order to obtain all the necessary materials. Post-production was completed in-house and just in time for the festival run of 2023/2024.

Marketing content

As a production fully managed by the Vita Pictura team, we had to plan, execute and follow up on the marketing content of the documentary film – including the trailers, teasers, behind-the-scenes clips, bloopers, and reels.

Distribution and festival run

Our team planned and followed up on the festival run and distribution plan in order to get the film out into the world, having premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. The film’s World premiere took place at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York in October, 2023 as the official closing film of the festival. The European premiere took place at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November, 2023.

Distribution of the film among Estonian theaters was organized by our long-term partner and producer Margus Õunapuu and Film Tower.

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