Team Estonia | Estonian Olympic Committee

The Estonian Olympic Committee is the official organization of Estonia, representing the country’s athletes in all disciplines in international competitions and tournaments. The goal was to produce the marketing campaign and social media videos overviewing Estonian Olympic Sports, representing each of the country’s top athletes in their respective disciplines.

Videos For Each Of The Disciplines

Each of the videos focuses on the following disciplines: fencing, wrestling, swimming, ice hockey, figure skating, curling, freestyle skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, tennis, pole vaulting, hurdles, javelin throw, football, basketball, quadruple sculls boat rowing, volleyball, gymnastics, and archery. The videos are short and dynamic, and their goal is to acquaint domestic and foreign audiences with top Estonian athletes and teams representing the country internationally in such events as the World Olympic Games and other international competitions.


Apart from producing the video content, Vita Pictura provided photography services for the key athletes of this year who officially represent the country in international competitions.

Representational Video

As a result, a series of videos were combined into a single main video, providing an overview of various disciplines and athletes representing them. This is the country’s official video on the international stage to represent Estonian sports.

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