WRC Rally Estonia

Vita Pictura’s team has been cooperating with WRC Rally Estonia since 2018, covering the biggest motorsport event in the Baltic countries, attended by tens of thousands of people. Our team produced official video coverages of the yearly event, participated in live streams, co-produced television commercials, brand visibility videos, and even helped with the 2021 and 2022 TV Broadcast Production for Estonian viewers on TV3 at Betsafe Rallistuudio. 

This was all possible thanks to the World Rally Championship Rally Estonia partners Jolos Creative Agency, Visit Estonia, Enterprise Estonia, and Betsafe


Our team had produced aftermovies for WRC Rally Estonia since 2018, even before WRC joined Rally Estonia. Since the year 2020, we’ve continued producing all of the official WRC Rally Estonia aftermovies. Vita Pictura values working with such a client and follow their rules while filming on the locations. Watch last year’s aftermovie here, the 2021 aftermovie here, and the 2020 aftermovie here

Brand Visibility

We have created brand visibility content for WRC Rally Estonia featuring some of Estonia’s most famous athletes in unexpected sports situations. The videos have been produced for Visit Estonia in cooperation with Jolos creative agency.

The following content was produced together with Jolos creative agency on the location on the same day of the filming: WRC Rally Estonia 2022 | Tehvandi Disk Golf and WRC Rally Estonia 2022 | ERM Tennis l Brand Video

We have produced additional brand videos for the client for the last two years: Visit Estonia at WRC Rally Estonia 2022 l Brand Video and Rally Estonia Preview – Episode 6 | Series

Television Commercials

As part of a full package, we also produced a series of commercials together with Visit Estonia. Commercials were produced for various formats and language adaptations.

Other Cases