Red Bull

Vita Pictura has been producing content for Red Bull for several years. Red Bull sponsored events take place every year, and we are happy to produce the original content for the new and recurring projects, such as Red Bull SoundClash, Tour of Vikings, Red Bull Reign, Red Bull Slack Warrior, WRC Rally Estonia Red Bull brand awareness, and Red Bull Flick.

Red Bull SoundClash 

Red Bull SoundClash is the ultimate musical battle between two artists pushing their musical boundaries to bring the best concert experience to the crowd.

On November 4, 2023, Estonian performers NOËP and Gameboy Tetris faced each other on the Unibet Arena Blackbox. These undisputed stars showcased their talents on the most appropriate battlefield – the stage.

Our team produced the TV commercial and additional promotional video materials for the event that was used to attract the audience, including the official aftermovie of the event.

Tour of Vikings

The Red Bull Tour of Vikings competition is a race with a unique format, where a cycle tour consisting of three stages is ridden in one day. The goal was to bring together people who love cycling, those who want to put themselves to the test and spend time with people like them in the autumn nature of Saaremaa, Estonia’s largest island.

The aftermovie of the cycling event sponsored by Red Bull was filmed and produced by our team as well.

Red Bull Reign and Half Court

After two domestic qualifications of the Estonian 3×3 BASKETBALL street game, a winner was chosen at the game organized by Red Bull. The winning team, Boft, traveled to Toronto to represent Estonia, with players Dorbek, Veideman, Evart, and Järveläinen. 

Vita Pictura captured the preparations for the event and interviewed all of the game players to find out how the competition in Canada went. This was the official video of the Estonian team’s preparation for the competition.

The Red Bull Half Court promotional video was also produced by our team as part of the team’s marketing campaign. 

Slack Warrior

Red Bull Slack Warrior is a slacklining competition focused more on speed and talent, rather than on tricks.

A series of content for the Red Bull Slack Warrior competition was produced by the Vita Pictura team in 2021, including the Slack Warrior competition of slack liners from ten different countries. A social media adaptation was produced for the marketing of the event. And as a final video, the official aftermovie of the event was filmed and produced by our team.

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