Visit Estonia

Vita Pictura’s collaboration with Visit Estonia and Invest in Estonia lasted for several years and included producing content meant to market the country for destination tourism and foreign direct investments.

Visit Estonia is a government organization dedicated to promoting Estonia to the rest of the world. It is part of a larger Brand Estonia, and the Estonian Tourism Board, which includes Invest Estonia, Visit Estonia, and other brands. Invest Estonia is the official portal that is used in marketing materials to attract B2B and foreign direct investments into the country.

Winter Estonia

The production aimed to promote Estonia as a winter destination and showcase its nature and possibilities for out-of-city activities. The final product was a series of short videos highlighting each winter activity one can enjoy during winter in south Estonia and two long videos: one meant for the tourist industry and another for business and foreign direct investments.

Summer Estonia

The idea was to give an overview of a number of activities one can enjoy during summer in Estonia and show diverse locations people can enjoy in the Estonian nature and towns. In contrast with the Winter Estonia series of videos, the Summer Estonia series promotes summertime tourism in Estonia. 

Additional Videos for Invest Estonia and Destination Estonia

A short video describing the services offered by Invest Estonia was produced by our team. The video is used officially by the Invest Estonia team to promote the country for direct foreign investments. In addition, the Destination Estonia brand needed videos to promote the country for tourism in the form of a presentation video.

Other Cases