Click & Grow

The campaign for the Estonian food-tech company Click & Grow aimed to create a series of videos targeting North America. The company’s product is a smart indoor garden that allows you to grow food in your home year-round.

The goal was to grow the brand’s trustworthiness and recognition. For this, the company wanted to tell a story that would convey the character of its brand. As a result, we produced several videos, each focusing on a specific aspect of growing indoors: nutrition, cooking, relaxation, and home. 

Main commercial video

As part of the campaign, we produced the main commercial video.The main commercial combined all the four aspects of the brand: nutrition, cooking, relaxation, and home.

Voice-over and script

The series of advertisements required a voice-over, which would suit the campaign’s target market – North America. Vita Pictura got in touch with their US-based partner Christina G. Richardson from the Bronx Film Initiative based in New York for the video’s voice-over, which was later used in the ad campaign. 

Full production service

Vita Pictura’s team was in charge of all the main aspects of the campaign – from location scouting and booking real estate for the shoot, to acquiring talents through casting, screenwriting, and producing all the different types of deliverables for the client. This was a great example of end-to-end production done by our team.

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