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On Silver Heels documentary


Vita Pictura’s team decided to support the Estonian national women’s ice hockey team and produce a documentary film about their journey. We started to document the story in August 2020 when the team got together for the first time in 12 years. Since then, we have been investigating their story and getting to know the team players by filming most of their main games, competitions, and training around Estonia.

This is the first time the Estonian Women’s National ice hockey story is being documented on film. This documentary is the main driver for gender equality in our society since women’s sports are not as much represented as men’s sports.

On Silver Heels follows a group of women trying to rebuild the national ice hockey team. Their goal was to play in the World Championship tournament. The problem is that they have not existed in 12 years, and they didn’t have financial support. The film follows the players in their attempt to raise money for training, their participation in the IIHF World Championship, where they took three surprising wins against Serbia, Bosnia, and Israel.

The film received support from the Estonian Film Institute (Eesti Filmi Instituut) and Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Eesti Kultuurikapital). The documentary is produced by Vita Pictura and Film Tower.

The film has been accompanied by a successful crowdfunding campaign and numerous media mentions on television, radio, online, and in magazines.

Notable media mentions about the project:

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