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Fight City | Miniseries

Case text:

The mini-series Fight City was one of Vita Pictura’s first major production and post-production works with the USA-based creative teams. Our team helped to finalize the mini-series production while it was still being filmed and managed most of the post-production. In addition, we successfully distributed the films among top US film festivals, having won a number of awards.

Pilot Development 

The pilot episode was filmed by the US director John Lee who also financed the production. Vita Pictura’s team started collaborating with John when he needed our post-production services – editing, color correction, advising on the directing, sound design, and even filming an additional scene in Estonia.

Marketing Content

One of Vita Pictura’s specializations is production of marketing content for films. This usually includes such assiting materials as behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the production team, featurettes, teasers, and trailers. For Fight City, a teaser, two trailers, a series of featurettes revealing the behind-the-scenes “Determination In Filmmaking”, “How To Self-Finance A Film”, “The Other Side of Film Production.” In addition, we helped with the production of a music video “Who Gone Be”, in the support of the film.

Production and Post-production

Vita Pictura’s post-production team edited the pilot episode of Fight City. This is our first Estonian-American production on a bigger scale. American writer and director John Lee produced the mini-series. The plot takes place in the USA (Ohio and New York) and speaks about the hard choices one has to make to achieve their goals.


Vita Pictura’s team also took charge of distribution of the pilot mini-series, contacting festivals and spreading the message of the work on social media platforms, IMDb, and other online and offline channels. 

The Festival Run

Vita Pictura’s team distributed the series among festivals, producing some good results. The mini-series episode won the nomination for the best TV Series award at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York in 2022. In addition, the episode won the Best TV Pilot award at the National Black Film Festival in Houston, Texas, in 2022.

John Lee directed the film, and Vita Pictura did post-production. While working as a full-time school teacher, John managed to produce the series while financing it out of his pocket, proving that determination and hard work pay off.

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