Advertising generates sales and opportunities by building awareness of your products and services. We will ensure that client will have the most benefit from the budget spent, since our professional crew will minimise all the expenses by finding the best deals in a region, and also making logistics easy and affordable, that can maximise the efficiency of the budget.  All this without compensating on the quality of the final product!

Corporate Video

Ranging from private events to high end corporate shows/conferences, we will ensure that the end product hits the right message and provides a high end result that is cinematic and as entertaining as it can get. We have had the pleasure of covering over 150 corporate events in the past 3 years and can’t wait to visit yours!

Event Aftermovie

From smallest club venue events to 100k festivals, from deep techno to rock/metal or folk festivals – we filmed it all! But every new event is a challenge, we are more than happy to approach it and do our best – sharing the emotions, showing the most memorable moments and showing how spectacular your event is!

Live Broadcast

Is your goal to connect with as much audience as possible? Our professionals will help you with getting the production value of your live stream as high as possible, meanwhile helping to set most of your ideas in real life! We provide live streaming services of any scale and take care of web/paid solutions for your stream/website.

Music Video

Are you an independent artist or coming from a major label? It doesn’t matter – we can make your music video a reality! We have worked with a number of major labels like Sony Music, Universal Music, Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Ultra Music, Kontor Records and would love to expand our client base! Our dedicated team of producers, directors and DOPs can take part in your project at any stage, regardless whether you already have an idea ready or not. If you don’t have treatment – it’s not a problem, we will help you to develop one and bring it to life!


Making a simple story interesting isn’t as easy as it sounds, making it breathtaking in motion picture is skill combined with passion of storytelling via motion images. Our professional writers and cinematographers will help you achieve the best result and tell the story in the most interesting and catchy way.

Motion Design

Vita Picture specialises in creating captivating 2D and 3D motion graphics. Working alongside technology companies which are able to create standalone animated productions or integrate 2D to 3D animation in your existing live video.

Aerial Cinematography

Another specialised area is Vita Pictura’s use of Aerial cinematography. It is done with a wide range of drones capable of operating cameras such as RED Epic Dragon, Sony FS7, GH4, Blackmagic etc., beside having the most popular DJI drones, such as DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4, Mavic Pro. If you need some bird’s eye view shots then you are at the right place!

Bringing Your Vision Alive Through
Motion Picture

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