Video Editing
Onlining / Offlining / Remote Review Process / Social Media Package Delivery / Data Storage / Content Archiving / Optimization/ Content Review

We offer Video Editing services, such as online editing and offline editing. Efficient and responsive workflow is enabled by the use of online editing collaboration software, location independent. We adapt the content for social media to market it over a wide range of social media platforms.

Motion Graphics
Animation / Kinetic Typography

Motion Graphics includes animation and Kinetic Typography – our in-house team of designers takes care of it.

Visual Effects
Chroma Keying / Wire Removal

Chroma Keying, or the use of a green screen, is an essential service we provide.

Sound Editing
Foley Recording / Voice Over Recording / Dialogue Editing / SFX Editing / Sound Design / Music Mixing / Sound Mixing

We offer Voice Over Recording, SFX Editing, Sound Design, Foley Recording, Dialogue Editing, Music Mixing, and Sound Mixing services. Contact us when you need to perfect the sound for your content.

Color Correction / Color Grading / Shot Matching / Footage Restoration

Color Correction, Color Grading, and Shot Matching is what we offer for you when working with the color of the picture. In addition, we offer Footage Restoration service.


Voice Over Recording / Dubbing

Shooting/Principal Photography
Framing / Lighting

Sound recording

Directing on set / Managing artists and crew / Producing on set / Graphic artists / Styling


Scripting / Storyboarding / Shotlist

Equipment & Crew
Booking teams

Location Scouting / Logistics

We offer Location Scouting, Logistics and Scripting as part of our pre-production service. Our team will find a suitable location to film at, and we will organize all the logistics, including transportation of equipment, workforce, and artists.

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