Corporate Event Showreel

You may organise an event to share business ideas, promote your company, or just to have some fun with your coworkers. The best way to capture the event and people is through corporate event video content. Large events organised by companies aim to bring people together so that they can exchange knowledge and information, discuss important topics or simply share their views on business.

Whatever type of successful event it is, having content to share afterwards is crucial. This type of content provides the opportunity to remind the participants that they had a great time there and tell more people about the event. You also give them all the opportunity to convey this to their friends and colleagues. Not to forget the marketing value: event video content can be used to promote your next events as well.

Vita Pictura Corporate Event showreel includes some of the largest and most important events, agencies, and organisations that we’ve covered in the last several years, such as events by Betsafe, Bolt, Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Architecture Awards, The Factory, Firebird, JOLOS Agency, Latitude59, Nike, NJ Production, Nordic Business Forum, Red Bull, Swedbank, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn Music Week, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Wise, Wolt, WRC Rally Estonia, and others.

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