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Krumping in Girona.

July 10, 2017

Romantic music video “It’s Complicated” from Maraaya and BQL.

A romantic music video for the track “It’s Complicated” by Maraaya feat. BQL was filmed on the sunny beaches of Spain near Girona. Vita Pictura is glad to continue long-term collaboration with Maraaya and BQL!

The moves in the video have been based on style of dance called krumping. It is a street dance popularized in the United States, characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movements. The youths who started krumping saw the dance as a way to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way.

The music video was made possible by hard work of Jevgeny Bystrov, DoP, editor and director for the project. Special thanks go as well to Aleksei Troitski and Diana Aizatullina for their impeccable performance and original dance moves.

Maraaya is a Slovene duo founded by Marjetka Vovk and AleŇ° in 2014. The group’s name is a combination of its members’ names, while its pronunciation means “She has Raay” in the Slovene language.

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