Blind Channel | Music Video

Vita Pictura’s collaboration with the Finnish rock band Blind Channel started several years ago while filming the music videos “Over My Dead Body” and “Snake”. The shoot was a creative explosion, so the band and our production team decided to continue working together for more music videos in the following years.

After the band’s success at the Eurovision contest representing Finland, they returned to Vita Pictura for more music videos, including “Balboa” and “Bad Idea.” 

The music video for the band’s song “Balboa” was inspired by the motion picture of the same name, so Vita Pictura’s production team decided to install a boxing rink in an old factory. 

The “Bad Idea” song by the band had a different tone and lyrics, and the following locations were chosen by Vita Pictura’s team to shoot the music video – an old hotel and a club stage filled with fans. The mood of the music video had to reflect the darkness of the band’s lyrics. In addition, the team decided to produce another music video for “Bad Idea”, treating the band’s fans with additional content. It was the first time our team shot two music videos for a single song!

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