Blind Channel music video productions

The most listened Finnish band of 2022 Blind Channel is one of the most important Finnish music industry clients of Vita Pictura. Vita Pictura’s collaboration with the Finnish rock band Blind Channel started several years ago while filming the music videos “Over My Dead Body” and “Snake”. The shoot was a creative explosion, so the band and our production team decided to continue working together for more music videos in the following years.


After the band’s success at the Eurovision contest representing Finland, they returned to Vita Pictura for more music videos for their new album “Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous”.

This became the record for music video productions for a single album – we produced two different music videos for the song Bad Idea(watch the alternative music video here), “Dont’ Fix Me“,  and “Balboa“.

The band has always shared their ideas before any shoot and was closely involved in the music video making, so the process always goes smoothly and allows for creative expression both for the band and for Vita Pictura’s video production team.

To take a glimpse of how it like to film with Blind Channel, take a look at our behind-the-scenes video for “Balboa“.