WRC Rally Estonia 2020 and 2021 aftermovies

WRC Rally Estonia 2020 and 2021 aftermovies

Vita Pictura’s team has been cooperating with Rally Estonia since 2019, which is one of the most unique annual events in the country. The first Rally Estonia started on July 16, 2010, under the name “Mad-Croc Rally Estonia” as part of the Estonian Championship.

It is impossible not to note the parallel growing success of Estonian drivers Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja. In addition to numerous victories throughout, they also became the Estonian championship winners in 2018, 2019, and 2020, 3 times in a row. They become national heroes and an example of how to achieve goals.

Besides local stars, Rally Estonia has welcomed many world top rally drivers over the years, such as WRC drivers Thierry Neuville, Esapekka Lappi, Jari-Matti Latvala, Teemu Suninen, Craig Breen, Hayden Paddon, Yazeed Al-Rajhi, Martin Prokop, Toni Gardemeister, ERC Champions Alexey Lukyanuk and Kajetan Kajetanowicz, and the rising young gun Oliver Solberg.

With support of Rally Estonia and the World Rally Championship, our team produced the official aftermovies for the grand events, in addition to setting up the live streams and additional content. This is the most important sports event in Estonia in recent years and we are glad to be part of this demanding but amazing experience.

Visit Estonia Brand Videos

Introducing Estonia around the World

Visit Estonia is a government organisation dedicated to promotion of Estonia to the rest of the world. It is a part of a larger Brand Estonia which includes Invest Estonia as well which meant to be used in marketing materials in order to attract B2B and foreign direct investments into the country.

Winter Estonia

The videos are scheduled to go live in marketing campaigns staring in autumn or winter of 2021. The promotional materials will be shown all over the world, including on Times Square in New York. The goal of the production was to promote Estonia as a winter destination and to showcase its nature and possibilities for out of city activities. The final product was a series of short videos highlighting each of winter activities possible to enjoy during winter in south Estonia, and two long videos: one meant for tourist industry and another for business and foreign direct investments.

Virtual Press and FAM Tour.

The purpose of the production was to introduce Estonia to a foreign audience via a virtual tour.

Watch Winter Estonia promotional materials on the official Brand Estonia website here and here.

Watch the Virtual Press and FAM Tour here)*.
*The part produced by Vita Pictura ends at 47:40.

Watch Invest Estonia promo video here.

Watch Destination Estonia videos here and here.

On Silver Heels – Ice Hockey Documentary

On Silver Heels | Documentary

Vita Pictura’s team decided to support the Estonian national women’s ice hockey team and produce a documentary film about their journey.

We started to document the story in August 2020 when the team got together for the first time in 12 years in Skoda Ice Rink in Tallinn. Since then, we have been investigating the story and getting to know the team players by filming most of their main games, competitions, and training around Estonia.

This is the first time the Estonian Women’s National ice hockey story is being documented on film. This film is the main driver for gender equality in our society since women’s sports are not as much represented as men’s sports. Having this film produced is crucial for the brave and talented players to get the tools to achieve their dreams.

The film has been accompanied by a successful crowdfunding campaign and numerous media mentions on television, radio, online and in magazines.

More notable media mentions about our project:

Women’s Hockey Life magazine (Canada)

International Ice Hockey Federation

Kanal 2 television program (starting at 27:55)

ERR article

See more on the landing page of On Silver Heels film

Betsson Group Commercials

Betsafe Estonia & Betsson Group

Ralligurud Podcast
WRC Rally Estonia 2020 aftermovie and stream
Commercial projects

Our team helped Betsafe to create the most popular sports channel in Estonia, by adapting the popular tv formats such as Top Gear-insired Ralligurud series. The podcast won the “Mobile Marketing Campaign” award at the EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards 2020.

Ralligurud series

Our cooperation with Betsafe started in 2018(?) and continues to grow each year – our team produced multiple rally-themed podcast Ralligurud with the outstanding Estonian athletes such as Rally Driver Ott Tänak, olympic winners Erki Nool and Gerd Kanter, actor and singer Märt Avandi and other well-known Estonian people. The podcast was conducted by a loved sports commentator and presenter Kalev Kruus.

WRC Rally Estonia 2020 aftermovie and stream

The official aftermovie of the WRC Rally Estonia in the year 2020 was produced by our team as well, in cooperation with Rally Estonia and World Rally Championship. Despite the pandemic situation, the filming and rally itself went very smoothly. Our post-production team made sure the end result was up to the demand of the world sports audience.

Other projects

In addition, our production team organised numerous sports-themed live broadcasts with Betsafe and produced several commercial and educational videos for the company’s gaming and gambling website.

Watch Ralligurud on Betsafe Eesti Youtube channel
Watch the official World Rally Estonia 2020 aftermovie on our website


Kerli – Shadow Works Documentary

Kerli – Shadow Works | Documentary

Kerli’s latest album Shadow Works speaks to our darker side and is closely related to Kerli’s personal experiences of returning back to her home country, Estonia, and being able to fully feel all the aspects of life. Shadow Works raises such themes as solitude, nature, DIY, lust, victimhood, lust, guilt, co-dependence, and more importantly, discovering the true oneself and being comfortable with that dark side and one’s flaws.

In a way, Kerli has made a full loop – she left Estonia at the age of 16 and she wasn’t connected with her homeland after that for more than a decade, and now she is back home with a new album, where one of the themes is coming home by truly accepting who you really are. One of Kerli’s inspirations for the album was Karl Jung’s philosophy of suppressing and accepting one’s dark side.

In this film, we get to understand Kerli more intimately and hear her story of becoming famous, with all the flaws and issues that run along with it. We get to see Kerli’s artwork that she has made while being in solitude in an Estonian forest; the choice of location helped her to talk to her inner self, without any distractions of the modern world that kept bugging her during her fast-paced life in California.

The documentary has been published on Kerli’s Youtube channel.

Behind The Scenes Of Nordic Business Forum Documentary

Behind The Scenes Of Nordic Business Forum | Documentary

The documentary film was Nordic Business Forum’s official anniversary video. NBForum is Finland’s yearly flagship business and leadership conference, now operating all across the Nordic countries. The event is meant for world leaders and had been attended by Steve Wozniak, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and many other leading thinkers and leaders.

The documentary that Vita Pictura’s team shot and produced with Nordic Business Report, and revealed the story of the team behind the event — Happe, Salla, Anssi, and Nazzira. The film discovers each of the character’s journeys and challenges that they have faced during the preparation for this massive event. The film gives a unique insight behind the scenes for Finland’s best-rated business conference.

CRES – One Life Documentary

CRES | One Life | Documentary

Cres Carlos Santiago is a rapper from Alicante, having collaborated with such hip-hop heavyweights as Illmind and Crystal Caines, we discover the intriguing world of Spanish-American hip-hop while following the journey of the main character across the US, Spain, and Mexico. The documentary film is a personal project for Vita Pictura’s team, and the footage used in the work has been shot within the last ten years across two continents.

Vita Pictura’s partner Alex Ghassan had the initial idea for this documentary, however, due to tragic events, Alex passed away. Vita Pictura’s CEO Georgius decided to take over the script and filming and finish Alex’s work. As the post-production neared its completion in the year 2020, we got permission to use footage shot by Alex and others and includes many famous Spanish artists, for example, Arkano, Nach (Violadores del Verso), R de Rumba, Tote King, and the US directors and artists Spike Lee, Skyzoo, Illmind, and Crystal Caines.

VP Meets – This Is Tinze Documentary

VP Meets | This Is Tinze | Documentary

Tia-Maria Sokka was born in Tampere, a city in Southern Finland. Unexpectedly for herself, she won the Twerk Helsinki competition in 2014 and the first-ever twerk Finnish Championships in 2015. She is famous on social media, and the YouTube video featuring her twerking at her studio gathered more than 37 million views over a year. Total views of her YouTube account just recently surpassed 100 million.

This short documentary is one of the few more serious documentaries about twerk dancing. Tinze tells us how the dance has helped her and a lot of her students around Finland. She practices twerking more as a sport and a self-development activity, and her fans around the world love her for that.

VP Meets – Dub Fx Documentary

VP Meets | Dub Fx | Documentary

Some of you might remember the beginning of YouTube era, and the very first viral videos that came out of it — Dub FX was one of the first artists to get famous around the world via YouTube; his streets performances have been uploaded to the online platform and then millions of people around the world found out about a street artist who did live performances using a loop pedal and his voice to create new kind of music

In 2018 Vita Pictura started VP Meets, a series of short documentaries with inspiring artists and sport athletes, which were connected to our brand. Composer and artist Dub FX was one of our first choices since he has worked for many years with our partner in Italy Thomas Pizzinga from Elephant Studio. We just needed to wait until he visited Estonia for yet another sold-out concert. In the end, everything turned into a series of new music videos and a brand new documentary about Dub FX.

Short Documentary with Tallinn Music Week

Tallinn Music Week | Documentary

Production of Tallinn Music Week was a challenging journey for the post-production crew, as we needed to change our vision of the film along the way — this happens when one works on creating a documentary. Tallinn Music Week is a yearly celebration of music, where indie and up-and-coming artists from all over the world perform, exchange ideas and content.

The goal of this work was to tell the story of the festival through the eyes of its direct participants — the singers, songwriters, and producers. The interviews reflect the diverse nature of this cozy music festival — one might meet a hip-hop duo from Ukraine, a folk musician from Estonia, and a post-punk band from Taiwan.