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VP Meets x Tungevaag & Raaban.

May 9, 2019

VP Meets x Tungevaag & Raaban.

This short Vita Pictura documentary follows the work and upward rise of the dance music producer pair Tungevaag & Raaban, consisting of Norwegian DJ Martin Tungevaag and Swedish DJ Robbin Söderlund. The electronic dance music duo, which released their latest hit single “Million Lights” on Spinnin’ Records in March 2019, give insight into the point at which their collaboration began in 2011. The pair also divulge secrets to interviewer Adam Morris about the creation of their music videos, including the smash hit “Samsara”, which features a dancing gorilla on a Thai beach. Tungevaag said of the viral track, “It’s easy to recognize the sound. Like, you can listen to it for three seconds and the drop, and everyone was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve heard that song!’” On a personal level, they take inventory of Söderlund’s tattoos, discuss the rigors of their performance schedule, and highlight memories of their sets on internationally-renowned stages.

This “VP Meets” episode, directed by Georgius Misjura, kicks off the third season in a series that tells the story of prominent European artists. Past “VP Meets” showcases include Belgian Drum and Bass pioneer Netsky, as well as Tallinn-based Alisa Tsitseronova, whose airtight hip-hop dancing skills earned her a slot on NBC’s “World of Dance” alongside her boyfriend and dance partner, Joseph Tsosh. Other notable recent Vita Pictura documentaries feature the legendary German DJ duo Cosmic Gate, and Roomet Säälik, a well-known professional BMX rider from Estonia.

“We are excited to release this ‘VP Meets’ season premiere, since Tungevaag & Raaban filmed with us over a period of four years. The result really captures their energy, talent, and undeniable spirit of collaboration.” – Georgius Misjura

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