Viktor Jazykov.

Sound Engineer

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Viktor Jazykov

Sound Engineer

Since 2016

Viktor Jazykov is a sound editor, sound engineer and composer from Tallinn, Estonia. He is an artist of dubstep at don Caspa’s Dub Police records. He started making electronic music when he was 17 years old. A few years later Viktor got interested in engineering and editing sounds for radios, mostly for pioneer drum and bass pirate radio station Kool FM London. Later Viktor decided to get deeper into sound engineering and editing science. After several successful releases on Dub Police records and release of Benga’s track “Icon” remix on Columbia records, Viktor has been DJing all around the world and 3 times at one of the best clubs on planet, main arena Fabric London. Viktor joined Vita Pictura in 2014 where he has become the main sound man for their biggest projects.

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