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Since 2016

Working his way up through camera department ranks, Ermīns has had amazing opportunities to work alongside World Class DOPs and local professionals, variating projects from Indie Short films to hi-end commercials and features. Ermīns has done his fair share of operating and lighting. Born in Latvia, he moved to Estonia in order to study Film in BFM, which opened opportunities to explore digital and analogue filmmaking. “It’s a never-ending learning process for me, that drives me forward, striving for new heights, new techniques and new collaborations.” – Ermīns adds. His philosophy is best summarized in what R. Deakins said:” I know the visuals are vitally important, after all this IS a visual medium but it’s not just about a little black box with a lens stuck on the front, it’s about the skill of the person operating it but even more importantly it’s the story and how you execute it that really matters!”

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