Emīls Geršinskis.

VFX Specialist

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Emīls Geršinskis

VFX Specialist

Since 2016

Emīls Geršinskis is an experienced and determined visual effects specialist based in Riga. His work has always been his biggest passion. Emīls has bachelor’s degree in Art with qualification as Computer Designer. He started to work as a graphic designer after the graduation in 2012. He always have had deep interest in visual effects and post-production. As he loves intensely and endlessly to improve his skills and to learn something new every day, he quickly grew as a visual effects specialist. Now he has had the pleasure of working on many music videos (Justs, Olya Asmikovich, Stick To Your Guns etc.), commercials (Lofbergs, Evelatus, Dukascopy Bank etc.), shots for films and a lot of different products. He has knowledge and experience in variety of programs. Emīls believes that everything is possible, you just have to do it.

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