“Kiccz” Jones


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Shawn “Kiccz” Jones has transitioned from entrepreneurship and streetwear into a powerhouse in media and content creation. As a producer and Executive Producer (EP), he secures funding and turns visions into reality. Known for his role as a connector, Kiccz bridges the gap between creatives, media professionals, and urban organizations. With a year at Vita Pictura, he elevates productions from good to great, earning a reputation as a power broker in the industry.

Kiccz’s most recent work includes collaborations with United Masters, Nike, and Brooklyn’s own Vinnies Styles. He has worked alongside notable figures such as Karen Civil, Hovain, Jim Jones, Styles P, Baron Davis, and many more, solidifying his status as a key player in the industry. Kiccz remains a representative of urban culture, amplifying voices and championing authenticity wherever he goes.