Max Kazmirevski


Maksim Kazmirevski is a director of photography, born in Tallinn, Estonia. His path to «moving pictures» started in childhood, when he first got an old soviet photo camera in his hands. But being a versatile child, Max always was interested in IT and all technical aspects around him. This interest led him to Tallinn University of Technology, where he received a BA degree in IT. Staying true to his hobby, he got very interested in moving pictures — he decided to move on to the next level — and started developing his skills and knowledge of cinematography. In 2012 he co-founded Vita Pictura Productions in Tallinn, Estonia. His technical and IT skills, combined with experience in photography and videography, made him one of the main DOPs of Vita Pictura productions and since then he has been covering the company’s biggest projects — TVCs, festivals, music videos and much more.