Matthias Veinmann


Matthias Veinmann is an up-and-coming film director, based in London and Estonia. He spent most of his formative years making music and films in Tallinn, and went on to study directing in Brighton‘s Screen and Film School. His love of music led him to direct a vast amount of music videos for local artists in Brighton, quickly growing to be well respected in the scene. His stylistic approach to filmmaking puts emphasis on colour combinations, interesting framing, and comedy, bringing a recognisable aspect to every project. The fun musical influences are evident in all of his film work, as he believes the medium’s purpose to be a method of escape from the real world.

With a strong camera background, Matthias has shot aftermovies for the biggest festivals in Northern Europe along with Vita Pictura, and has a keen interest in analogue photography. He also loves writing comedy scripts, making hip-hop, navigating fashion, and cripsy chicken.