Kaupo Kuusemäe


Kaupo is a video editor and a technical lead of post-production at Vita Pictura. His journey started with a passion for still photography in the early 2000’s, this passion went from still to motion in ten years, while studying engineering in Taltech. During his studies, he joined Taltech Filmclub where they did the first Estonian student-made HD news broadcast that aired every monday for 2 and a half years. This was a huge project for the Taltech student community. Also this was the point where he found his passion in moving pictures. Over the years Kaupo has worked on multiple projects, ranging from live streams to music video edits. He joined Vita Pictura in 2016. Kaupo graduated from Tallinn University of Technology (BSc). After joining Vita Pictura Kaupo evolved as a multitalented post-production specialist. His strongest skills are motion design, video editing, colour grading, visuals for live events, and visual effects. During the pandemic he got to lead live streaming operations in the company together with Max Kazmirevski and Dmitri Morjakin.