Georgius Misjura


Georgius Misjura is the founder and CEO of Vita Pictura. His expertise lies in editing, producing, and directing. He has co-produced and edited several documentaries; including the documentary about award-winning Estonian singer “Yasmyn. Clarity for a Day or Two”, the action series “Fight City” in collaboration with the US-based director John Lee, a documentary about an Estonian artist “Kerli: Shadow Works”, and other works.

Georgius has diverse experience in the filmmaking world – he has graduated from Southampton Solent University (BA, MA), worked on a tv channel in the United Kingdom, and has been in charge of post-production in Vita Pictura catering to clients in the advertisement industry, for start-ups, music videos, festival aftermovies, government-funded videos, documentaries, and feature films. Georgius’s passion for music and the use of music in filmmaking is used to create memorable and unique works where music is an essential part of the production.




Video Editor

Film Editor