Aleksei Šarapanjuk


Aleksei Šarapanjuk is an editor at Vita Pictura. He edited a wide range of projects at Vita Pictura and he is very productive at it. Aleksei is irreplaceable as a post-production professional – the team trusts him with various projects, ranging from bigger productions like Tallinn Music Week official aftermovie to smaller adverts and music videos. Aleksei started getting into video long time ago when it was his hobby. He used to shoot and edit videos for his friends, and in 2018 he started doing it professionally. Using this chance, he worked for 2,5 years as an editor of smaller advertisement clips, sport and music event videos, and corporate event videos. He joined Vita Pictura’s post-production department in 2020 at first as a freelances, and later becoming an integral part of the team. Working at Vita Pictura for 2 years on a large amount of various projects, Aleksei showed such skills as dedication, attention to details, and talent. He developed strongly as a fast and high-quality editor.