Aleksei Kulikov


Aleksei Kulikov is a director of photography based in Tallinn, Estonia. He has become interested in making videos when he was skateboarding with his friends. They created many videos about lifestyle and the sport they love. Aleksei decided to take his skills to a professional level after his work experience at local channels. He started making music videos. He graduated Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn, Estonia. Aleksei developed a huge interest in color grading and joined Vita Pictura Productions in 2013 where he became leading freelance colorist and director of photography. He has been working with Vita Pictura since then and filming their main projects. As a certified scuba diver, Aleksei has experience filming underwater and on water. He is the DoP who is irreplaceable while filming in extreme circumstances, in very hot and cold conditions, and in the air. Aleksei’s experience ranges from filming in Bollywood to filming spearfishing underwater in the North Atlantic.