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How to Shoot a Music Video in One Day.

July 15, 2017

Second Level — Sun Comes Up

Check out Vita Pictura’s new official music video for The Second Level – Sun Comes Up Feat. Ariadne. The Second Level is a DJ and producer from Helsinki (Finland) and Ariadne is a singer from Estonia.

The Second Level produces his own music and plays energetic modern club and festival sound at his live gigs and he is going to perform at Weekend Festival Baltic 2017. In addition of having the support of the Finnish dance music scene and Northern Europe’s biggest Electronic Dance Music festival he has already made an impact on the new generation of DJ’s and electronic music scene of Finland and Estonia. The song has been played by the hit radios in Estonia and it gained a respectable number of 500.000 streams on Spotify within 2 months.

The video has a simple story with three friends going out and enjoying the track – the ending with the sunset has been filmed in Pärnu, Estonia. Music video was directed by talented Aili Maarja and Robert Parelo. Aerial Cinematography has been filmed by our long-time partner Skyline Media. The track was released in Spain in May.

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