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How To Produce With Chill for Sam Paganini.

October 2, 2017

Check out “Gravity” music video for Sam Paganini.

Sam Paganini is an Italian DJ and producer, who has a long career starting in 1996. His album “Rave” has remained in Beatport Techno Top 10 list for six months, and stayed in Techno Top 100 for a year.
Sam turned to Vita Pictura for making a music video for his new track “Gravity”. The main inspiration for us was Röyksopp’s “The Drug” video, which tells a story about 3 girls exploring some abandoned area and discovering creepy characters inside.

“Gravity” was shot in Estonia, in 3 different locations. Interesting thing is that our actresses have never taken part in a professional media production before, so in the beginning they were kind of distant. To be honest, that’s exactly what we needed for our first shooting location.
Thanks to Loo Spordikeskus we could film in a big empty swimming pool, where we got beautiful shots of girls dancing around and enjoying themselves. As the shooting went by, we got to know each other more and more. We were very lucky with the weather (and sunshine is a rare luxury in Estonia), so we had an opportunity to stop for a small picnic and get some shots in an abandoned Padise Abbey. Finishing in Rummu lake near the famous abandoned prison, we managed to get the girls swim in the lake, thankfully the water was warm enough. It was a cozy and beautiful moment for all of us, we watched the sunset, danced near the bonfire and celebrated the wrap with some drinks.

It’s not very often when a long shooting day finishes with everyone being so relaxed and happy with literally everything.
You can see the results yourselves here:

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