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How to Produce 20 Music Videos in a Single Day.

July 20, 2017

TransferWise Summer Days 2017 – Aftermovie

The beginning of June brought the team of Vita Pictura to the Transferwise Summer days 2017. The whole Summer days event was put together by Jolos team – big applause for the job well done! In addition to the rather familiar task for Vita Pictura of creating an aftermovie we also had a very special task to deliver – create 20 music videos from scratch within one day! You may wonder how well all of it went. 😉

Thursday midday we met with Taavet, Kristo and all Transferwisers – more than 600 of them at Solaris conference center, for an introduction of the Summer days. The evening was spent with grill and chill at Nyx’s home. Nyx has been a legendary grill-master from the very early days of TW.

On Friday we had a late morning meeting in Tranferwise headquarters, there we took buses to Balti Jaam – where the very real TW train was waiting for everyone to get on board! …And off we went to Tartu with the merry crowd spending great time together. After the arrival to Tartu we headed to the Estonian National Museum (ERM) where the biggest air balloon in the world was waiting for us. The evening ended with a joyful party.

Saturday was a day of challenges – to Tranferwisers as well as the video team – all 600 participants were divided into 3 big groups which in turn spread into even smaller teams. A third of Transferwisers chose the Social track challenge, one third went with the Active track challenge and the third team chose the Creative track challenge. Those who had chosen Creative track were divided into 20 bands – and their tasks were to: 1. Write lyrics to a well-known song 2. Create choreography to that track using more or less random props that team members had found in their surprise boxes 3. Shoot a music video to the track 4. Chillax until Vita Pictura team edits the footage for the big premiere the same night(!) at Ahhaa Science Centre. In the afternoon, once all tracks have been finished, we had a nice cooldown participating handcraft workshops provided by the Estonian National Museum.

Soon enough the day turned to an evening and everyone gathered to AHHAA Science center for the amazing food, daily highlights, the awesome Transferwise band and all the curious activities AHHAA had to offer.

Last day was about heading back to Tallinn – tired but happy! See you next year!

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