VP Meets: Dub Fx documentary

Some of you might remember the beginning of YouTube era, and the very first viral videos that came out of it — Dub FX was one of the first artists to get famous around the world via YouTube; his streets performances have been uploaded to the online platform and then millions of people around the world found out about a street artist who did live performances using a loop pedal and his voice to create new kind of music.

In 2018 Vita Pictura started VP Meets, a series of short documentaries with inspiring artists and sport athletes, which were connected to our brand. Composer and artist Dub FX was one of our first choices since he has worked for many years with our partner in Italy Thomas Pizzinga from Elephant Studio. We just needed to wait until he visited Estonia for yet another sold-out concert. In the end, everything turned into a series of new music videos and a brand new documentary about Dub FX.