Visit Estonia brand videos

Visit Estonia is a government organisation dedicated to promotion of Estonia to the rest of the world. It is a part of a larger Brand Estonia which includes Invest Estonia as well which meant to be used in marketing materials in order to attract B2B and foreign direct investments into the country.

Winter Estonia
The videos are scheduled to go live in marketing campaigns staring in autumn or winter of 2021. The promotional materials will be shown all over the world, including on Times Square in New York. The goal of the production was to promote Estonia as a winter destination and to showcase its nature and possibilities for out of city activities. The final product was a series of short videos highlighting each of winter activities possible to enjoy during winter in south Estonia, and two long videos: one meant for tourist industry and another for business and foreign direct investments.

Virtual Press and FAM Tour
The purpose of the production was to introduce Estonia to a foreign audience via a virtual tour.
Watch Winter Estonia promotional materials on the official Brand Estonia website here and here.
Watch the Virtual Press and FAM Tour here*.
*The part produced by Vita Pictura ends at 47:40.
Watch Invest Estonia promo video here.
Watch Destination Estonia videos here and here.