Production & Post-Production

We do it all

Hi! We are Vita Pictura, a company that has done it all in the production industry. We film, stream, edit, we do photography, motion and sound design. We do top-notch production service. We create original content. Award-winning Documentaries and Music Videos. Films and Series. Adverts. You name it

We got together in 2011. We wanted to do something new, something exciting. Not that average 9 to 5 job. We are creators who are inspired by the world and the people around us. We live off it and feed off it. Our experience speaks for itself and we are happy to share our works with you.

We could write a long text about our experiences, but videos speak better than words. As a media production company, words cannot entail all of the things we do. Watch our videos to find out. We are passionate about our work and are looking forward to going with you on the next adventure.


The right people for the job.

Depending on the scale of your production, we can be talking anything from a 40-cast-and-crew behemoth to just a one-man, run-and-gun scenario. It all comes down to your budget and the concept—sometimes a one-man crew is all you need, no matter what sort of cash you have behind it.

Either way, with a plethora of directors, cinematographers, sound ops, 1st ADs (and any other role you can think of) in our little black book, no matter what the scale, we’ve got the crew to get it done. With our talented and experienced in-house team, we already stock the firepower for pretty much anything you could throw at us, but we can always draw from an arsenal of additional filmmakers and production crew we have to hand. Luckily, being in the trenches and making tons of videos with awesomely talented people over the years means we’ve made a lot of great friends, and we know just who to call on when we need ‘em.


Up to our ears in gear.

We already own the kit needed to produce high-end video content and we don’t charge you for it, which means that your budget is spent on screen where it matters most.

On larger shoots, or when more specialist equipment makes sense, thanks to our carefully-pruned relationships with local rental houses (ie. regular bribes of cake and beer), we get budget-friendly deals on the latest and greatest in cinematography technology to really pump up the quality of your content


Editing is one of the main services we provide. Toast’s experienced editors compose your film with professionalism and the best possible tools. TV series, spot, documentary or reality series, our editors will always find the right order for your shots. The technical know-how of our staff is high, so in this technologically evolving field, they really don’t have a finger in their mouths. The main editors are Kari and Tommi. Toast also has an extensive network of freelance editors. Our fully equipped editing suites are also available for dry hire.

All material is centrally stored in a production network, so large scale projects with several people working simultaneously is possible. Additional syncing, logging and viewing workstations can also be arranged. Naturally, the services include dailies, syncing, conversions, transfers, backups and media management. There are a total of 4-10 units as needed. We provide our own cloud service for digital transfers, as well as FrameIO and Vimeo Pro for approvals.

Colour Grading

Color workflow at Toast is taken seriously, in a fun and easy way for the client. We have two colorists Veikko Ruuskanen and Antti Peltoranta. We also use skilled freelancers if needed. Our colorists will handle the short and the long ones. No matter if it’s a drama series or a high level commercial, the art and the craft is always par to the needs.

We provide color work in 2 different suites.  As in all Toast workstations, we work from shared server storage so different phases of the work can be done simultaneously. For example, the compositing is usually done in linear color space, so it’s quite convenient to see the end result instantly in a big screen and fix the composite if needed. 4K HDR is doable, as well as Christie 2K DCI screening with Genelec surround sound monitoring.

On the software side we mainly use Resolve and Scratch. We calibrate the screens regularly, so your eyeballs can be at ease.

Sound Design

With solid experience, Toast offers sound design for various productions. Over the years, we have done countless audio post-productions for commercials, documentaries and TV series.
The sound designers are Jari Turunen and Jukka Åkerman.

Our two sound studios are Pro Tools based. Studio 1 allows you to process multi-channel audio. Equipped with Logic Pro, Studio 2 also enables music productions. A comprehensive sound effects library and a wide range of software enable high-quality sound design and also sound restoration. We also offer speak recording, dubbing and prompts. Toast can also manage music composition and production. We do have capability to arrange field recordings if needed.


Toast’s facilities allow for the final finishing of the films and spots, as well as mastering into the necessary formats. In the finishing phase, attention is addressed to the smallest of details. A networked and flexible workflow enables comprehensive video and audio processing between different suites.

In the online phase, the image, graphic elements, effect shots and sound is riveted together, and the whole is seen in its final form. Also, cut-downs and versioning to different aspect ratios can usually be most flexibly implemented at this stage. Tools and software are selected according to the project, and both artists and producers know how to take all that into account.


Toast has a long, solid experience in visual effects. Our whole infrastructure is designed to support working in teams, and it makes effects preparation and work easy and flexible. Our VFX lead Vesku has one of the longest careers in the industry in Finland. With in-house effects capabilities, we can start drafting the fx shots already in the offline edit if necessary. It is quite beneficial to have an overall look of the shots in an earliest possible phase, especially if there’s any heavier work involved. When decisions about effects can be done in a timely manner, it improves efficiency a lot. Some elements, such as clouds or rain, can sometimes be added in the color grade. Different approaches can be tested and evaluated, to always have the best results most effectively.

When planning the production, it’s essential to decide what’s worth doing in the set or fix in the post. Our crew has a comprehensive understanding of different techniques, and we happily consult the DP and the production crew. We also provide onsite technical supervision service.

We use industry-standard tools for compositing, keying, motion graphics and basic 3D. To top up the in-house crew, a selection of experienced freelancers can be used remotely or locally if needed.